E-Wrench (babarehner)

Currently one of my main focuses is to learn how to market android apps. While my You Tube videos were succesful and profitable, my Android app usage and sales are duds. Friends make suggestions and marketers show up in my inbox. My grandkids like the Scribble and Scribble Tune apps and my wrencher friends like my Parts Runner app but that's as far as it gets. I have yet to figure out how to make some money from Android apps as a part time developer but have only found vapor solutions. This site covers a variety of current and past works some of which are listed below and in the links.

  • Android- Have developed some Android apps for the Google Play Store but not getting very much action there. Anyways they are not as popular as my YouTube videos. Check them out by clicking on the "Android" link above.

  • Python- I believe python is the best first programming language for students. Full disclosure- I have not published any serious Python apps. Currently doing some very minor work on an open source project Food-Pantry-Inventory ". If you know Django or Docker we could really use some additional help.

  • Open Source- I've created a lot of educational videos on open source software. On my YouTube page I created a number of videos using virtual machines on how to install Ubuntu flavors, remote desktop connections between Ubuntu and Windows and various other videos on installing open source software. Some of the videos are dated but feel free to check out. Each video starts out with 4 or 5 slides of the video content before going on to the main event. The purpose of the slides is to inform you what the video covers so you won't waste your time if the video does not fit your requirements.

  • Teaching- Have taught at Columbus City Schools for 30 years. First 15 years I taught vocational auto technology. Then due to illness I transferred over to teaching computer subjects including A+ and Linux+ Certification to high school students.

  • Retired- Not really looking for work but willing to help out with open source projects that combine my interests for (1) education (2) software development (3) community giveback.